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Metro-Detroit's Premiere Dance Studio. We offer Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop and Lyrical. Our season start's in September and runs through June, ending with an annual Dance Concert, entertaining 2,000 guests.

Fem Fatale is known as a highly competitive studio known for its cutting edge choreography.

Taking student's starting at age 3 through adult, Fem Fatale develops coordination along with award-winning choreography. We also offer a positive working environment teaching team-ethic, encouraging students of all ages motivation and self-discipline. Fem Fatale has been known to take students who have never had little or no dance experience to winning gold and platinum awards at regional and national competitions.
Fem Fatale Dance Studio,  16007 W. 8 Mile Rd.
Detroit, MI 48235

You can reach us during business hours (Mon-Fri: 5pm-10pm, and Saturday from 10am-6pm) at 313-340-9684

We appreciate how challenging it is to identify a studio that meets your dance educational needs and puts you on a path to success.

This is the perfect opportunity to try new classes at Fem Fatale for the first time or bring along a friend to try your favorite class.

Fem Fatale Dance Studio offers an impressive array of classes for youth and adult enrolling students early as age three in a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.  

 We will answer all questions you have concerning our programs, dance attire, age and level, tuition fee's, adult classes and more.  You can also get fitted for dance shoes, purchase dance attire and accessories.

Thank you for your interest in Fem Fatale Dance Studio…. We’re a creative, dynamic, intellectual community known for our innovative, cutting edge choreography, faculty-student collaborations, and fabulous urban setting.


TLJ is a fun, energetic class that utilizes the ideologies and fundamentals of ballet and jazz to assist students with improving their ability to turn, leap and jump. Through emphasizing the concepts from those genres as well implementing additional stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises, the students are able to improve overall. The class includes across the floor progressions, center floor work, Grand Allegro (as found in Ballet Classes), and a combination of other creative learning tools that allow students to further understand the correct ways to execute turns, leaps, jumps, tricks and other movement they may encounter.


Contemporary Improvisation

This class combines two forms of dance that were both created to allow artists to feel free to explore movement and experiment with different ideas with and without regard to the boundaries of technique. Contemporary dance is an ever-evolving performance art that was created in the mid twentieth century. Its roots come from other style genres such as classical ballet, jazz and especially modern dance. The expressive style is great for challenging dancers to find quality within their movement. Contemporary dance artists are normally versatile and utilize lots of floor work due to their strong sense of gravity and ability to fully take advantage of space. Dance Improvisation is the process of developing, experimenting with and creating movement spontaneously.  One can gain inspiration for improv, as it is often called, from anything such as music, art, experience, other movement or any other stimuli. One of the many advantages of dance improvisation is that it requires the artist to truly dig deep into themselves to find true artistry, hence helping them to further discover themselves. Dance Improvisers are or normally become confident, strong minded individuals. This class will take the best of both genres to assist with creating a more well-rounded student and artist.


Jazz Fusion

Jazz Fusion is a newer style of dance that includes a combination of classical jazz, hip hop, folkloric, culture-specific, and traditional dance. Similar to a classical jazz class, students work for flexibility, precision and accuracy, strive to strengthen their core, upper body and overall musculature and train to gain control over every part of their body through the use of isolation exercises. Additionally, one must exude personality as much as possible due to the fact that performers of this vernacular style are typically expected to portray a specific character. In this particular class, the students will learn the principles of classic jazz as well as how to begin to infuse the concepts and foundations of many different dance forms together for the sake of technical development and choreography.

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Fem Fatale Dance Studio is located at

16007 W. 8 Mile Rd.
Detroit, MI 48235

Ph. 313.340.9684

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